NTM KGH-2B is a split body with two separate tailgates mainly designed for 3-axle chassis with a gross weight up to 26 tonnes. It is designed for big loads and high durability. Body sizes available from 14 m3 to 24,5 m3.

Also available with front pod (see FK system) creating a multi-functional, three compartment vehicle.

Multi-chamber vehicles

Technical information


Proportionally controlled hydraulic levers for the bin lifts

Pneumatic bin catcher bar

Bin lift proportionally controlled by hydraulic levers

Possibility for lever manoeuvring of the packing cycle

Variable pump

Cleaning of packer plate when emptying

Rear view camera

Side access door


Automatic compaction cycle

Connectable bin lifts

Semi-automatic bin lift

Hydraulic oil heater

Auto lube

Weighting equipment

Sack lift

Bio equipment

Different box options

Dust-free emptying of bins

Enclosed hopper

Technical data


14 - 24 m³

Body division:

2/3 left 1/3 right

Body weight:

7450 - 10000 kg

Height above chassis frame:

2470 mm

Total length:

7500 - 10000 mm

Compactor volume:

1,1 + 0,5 m³

Compaction force:

300 kN (30,5 ton)

Compaction force:

26,5 Mpa (260 bar)