Renhållningsbilen för hushållsavfall KGLS

KGLS is a low, agile and lightweight refuse collector in which you can also empty larger bins. It is the perfect choice where movement space is restricted but demands on reliability and durability are high. The conveyor and packer plate work cycles are started using a push button but packing can also be controlled using levers when required. The KGLS is designed for a chassis with a gross weight of 15-26 tonnes.


Rear Loader

Technical information


Bin lift proportionally controlled by hydraulic levers

Pneumatic bin catcher bar

Possibility for lever manoeuvring of the packing cycle

Variable pump

Cleaning of packer plate when emptying

Rear view camera


Rear or front winch

Automatic compaction cycle

Semi-automatic bin lift

Auto lube

Hydraulic oil heater

Weighting equipment

Sack lift

Different box options

Bio equipment

Enclosed hopper

Side access door

Technical data

Total length:

5000-7100 mm

Load volume (netto):

10-18,5 m³

Body weight:

5000 - 5700 kg

Height above chassis frame:

2078 mm


2550 mm

Loading height, minimi:

min 1000 mm

Compaction force:

243 kN (27,7 ton)

Compaction force:

210 bar