TRIO recycling vehicle features three compartments. TRIO is ideal for conditions with limited space, as all three sections are emptied through the back of the vehicle.

TRIO supports independent compression of each cell as the waste material rests inside the vehicle. Automatic bin grip is offered as standard equipment, with each cell being gripped and handled separately. The cells are emptied simultaneously.

When the refuse collection vehicle itself is emptied each section is processed one at a time. There are three separate emptying bases to ensure convenient and secure waste removal, without risk of mixing the various waste materials. TRIO emptying bases can be emptied in any order.

TRIO can easily be adjusted to fit a variety of chassis.

Multi-chamber vehicles

Technical information


Pneumatic bin catcher bar

Semi-automatic bin lift

Side access door

Camera with in cab monitor for loading and reversing

Weighting equipment

Hydraulic oil heater

Auto lube

Modem for PLC system

Technical data

Load volume (netto):

18 - 25 m³

Body weight:

7900 - 9100 kg

Height above chassis frame:

2750 mm


2550 mm

Total length:

8200 - 9500 mm

Working cycle:

10 s

Lifting capaсity:

510 kg (3*170 kg)

Bin sizes:

(120) 140 - 370 l