A wide product programme from a supplier that has been in the market for 60 years guarantees that you, as our customer, can feel that you have a partner in NTM who has the knowledge and resources to meet your requirements for transport products with the best possible overall economy.

One of our golden rules is that our products should be as environmentally efficient as possible during their entire service life. This affects the product right from the beginning, starting with our designs and choice of materials and during its long service life, thanks to its low tare, which restricts the environmental impact of exhaust fumes in relation to the volume of goods transported.

We develop the best solutions for Nordic conditions, in close collaboration with the users. Trailers and semitrailers with varying types of bodies, from pure flat beds to bodies with opening sides, including ATP classified FNA and FRC versions, together with equipment for handling swap bodies and containers, form the core of our product range.
We of course also make corresponding bodywork for trucks.


Trailers & Bodyworks

Box Bodies


NTM’s box bodies are renowned for their combination of durability and low tare. The bodies are made to withstand the tough environment they are exposed to, both on the highway and during loading and unloading.

Most types of box bodies are available with fully opening folding side doors, including ATP classified cooled and reefer bodies, whose function and user-friendliness are extremely competitive. It is the ability to combine well functioning side door openings with lightweight construction, which really puts technical skill to the test.

When you buy an NTM box trailer, you get an integrated unit, where chassis and body are built for each other by the same manufacturer. This also offers considerable freedom in customising the product to suit its intended purpose for either conventional long-distance traffic or combined traffic with its special handling requirements.

These are manufactured as truck bodies, drawbar trailers, semitrailers or central axle trailers.



Flatbed & Tent

Flat beds and open vehicles which are designed to comply with the gross weights and dimensions for Nordic conditions. Fully conventional flat beds with drop sides that can also be equipped with various types of tarpaulin, such as tarpaulin doors, lifting tarpaulin or ordinary curtain sides. Also available as tippers or as telescopic trailers for special transport.

These are manufactured as truck bodies, drawbar trailers, semitrailers or central axle trailers.

Swap Body Carriers

Trailers and also truck bodies for handling various types of skips, swap beds/bodies, roller beds etc. We manufacture equipment for the majority of commercially available load carriers, plus dollies for handing semitrailers.

Tipping & Site Work

Tipping trailers and trucks for various types of goods are included in NTM’s product range. Typical products range from transfer tippers for gravel transport, tipping trucks and beds for grain transport, to boxes with lifting sides for mixed agricultural transport.


When a transport job requires really special equipment, we develop what is needed in collaboration with our customer.
The customer’s knowledge of special transport conditions, combined with our knowledge and long experience of designing and building transport equipment in a joint development process, provides the requirements for mastering even the toughest challenges.