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NTM will be a leading supplier of vehicle bodies and trailers, and a pioneer in industrial safety and environmental thinking.

This means that NTM:
• Complies with customer expectations and exceeds them if possible.
• Supplies durable and fault-free products and services that meet customer requirements.
• Safeguards its employee’s and other stakeholders’ health and safety.
• Endeavours to reduce the environmental impact of our products and activities.
• Complies with laws and regulations, and accepts its social responsibility.

The correct quality, a safe and healthy working environment and sustainable environmental awareness are the responsibility of every person, and require constant improvement of routines, products and services.

The management and employees will jointly accept responsibility for health, safety and the environment, and will never endanger their own or any other person’s safety or material and intangible property.

A focus on environmental awareness and durability in design and production, plus exacting selection of material and suppliers will guarantee that our customers receive suitable vehicles with the best possible efficiency and environmental performance.

Our activities will be governed by what is economically reasonable and technically possible.

Ab Närpes Trä & Metall, dated 16 September 2019

Kurt-Erik Nordin, Managing Director